Darkroom is a popular software that has been appreciated by many photoshop enthusiasts. Since social networks are developing more and more every day, convenient photo editors are being created and appear quickly. Young and creative people are interested in such software, since such utilities are "a whole palette of colors" for the manifestation of imagination. With the help of Darkroom, the user will be able not only to easily edit their photos by applying a variety of factory or custom filters and effects on them, but also transform videos using built-in tools. The software is suitable for the iOS operating system. You can download the official version of Darkroom for free using our website.

Darkroom`s features

RGB curves, lots of templates, slides and histograms were introduced into Darkroom. You can work with the aspect ratio and change the color correction schedule, as well as basic editing tools. You can also control metadata when exporting. The user has the ability to add their own watermarks.

It is also possible to:

  • view photos in several modes;
  • recording coordinates and metadata;
  • editing snapshots;
  • applying effects;
  • assigning labels and keywords;
  • manual shadow adjustment;
  • adding watermarks;
  • create collages or slides.

Downloading of software

To install the program on an iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. find and click on the built-in "Download" panel;
  3. use the installation file;
  4. specify the path for the file, for example, desktop;
  5. wait until the package is fully loaded.

Using of Darkroom

When working with the video editor, the user can change the speed of the video, speeding it up or slowing it down. It is possible to change both individual segments of the video and the entire video completely. At certain time intervals, you can insert stickers and pop-up pictures. The animation will appear at the moment where the user adds it. It is also possible to overlay additional photos on top of an existing video clip. The user can change the settings so that the second image located on top of the video can be inserted for the entire video or for a certain specified period of time.


The Darkroom program is a graphic editor in which you can create, process images and videos. Create your masterpiece!